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Gluten-Free Food Shopping & Preparation Tips

At the supermarket, notice that foods that are naturally gluten-free (e.g. fruit, vegetables, meats, seafood, dairy products) tend to be displayed around the perimeter of the store, whereas processed gluten-free food products tend to be stocked within the inner aisles.

When you buy a packaged product, get into the habit of ALWAYS reading the ingredient label.  You cannot assume that manufacturers keep the source of their ingredients the same.  If you have questions or concerns, call the product manufacturer (their telephone number is usually on the package).

When adopting a gluten-free diet, one of the most difficult challenges is avoiding cross-contamination of gluten-free food with food containing gluten.

  • CLEAN (gluten-free) hands, utensils, dishes, cooking equipment and surfaces MUST be used.
  • Gluten-free foods, e.g. potatoes, meats, seafood, etc., must NOT be fried in the same cooking oil that has been used for gluten-containing products.Shopping for gluten-free food
  • Foods, such as gluten-free pasta, must NOT be cooked in the same water that has been used for regular food.
  • For gluten-free toast, use a dedicated tray and a toaster oven to prevent contamination with crumbs from regular bread.
  • For spreads, such as butter, mayonnaise, etc., designate a separate container for the person needing the gluten-free diet.

And if you are new to a gluten-free diet, it takes a lot of effort to ensure that your food really is gluten-free. Don’t get discouraged - you will get better at it with time!  Why not try one of our Gluten-Free Recipes?

Also, take a look at two handy guides we’ve put together regarding sources of gluten: