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Stay up to date with the latest news and research in celiac disease, gluten-sensitivity and gluten-related disorders. We include source materials for those of you who would like more background information on the topic. Our blogs have covered the difference between celiac disease and gluten-sensitivity, diagnostic methods for identifying gluten-related conditions, results of potential therapies for celiac disease in clinical development, FDA proposals for gluten-free labeling of food products, and much more!

Does Glyphosate Cause Celiac Disease? Actually, No!

TTB Stands its Ground on Gluten-Free Labeling of Beer Made From Barley

Goodbye Biopsy? Non-Invasive Celiac Disease Blood Test Using I-FABP

CSA Defends its Gluten-Free Endorsement of Omission Beer. Really?

Celiac Sprue Association Challenges Authority of FDA and TTB, Stating Omission Beer is Gluten-Free

Gluten-Free Labeling Rules Finalized by FDA—What Do They Mean, and Who Benefits?

FDA Finally Issues Gluten-Free Labeling Regulations for Foods

Assay for Gluten in Barley is Flawed—Implications for Gluten-Free Labeling of Foods and Gluten-Free Beer

Gluten-Free Beer: Does Omission Beer Deliver the Goods? — A Simple Guide for the Non-Biochemist

Is Sorghum Gluten-Free? Yes, Sorghum Flour is a Safe Food for People With Celiac Disease or Gluten Sensitivity

Celiac Disease Diagnosis: Is a Biopsy Always Necessary?

Is Celiac Disease Caused by a Change in Gluten Consumption?

Medical Deductions for Gluten-Free Foods—There’s Relief for Celiacs

FDA Gluten-Free Labeling: We’re on the Home Stretch!

Gluten is Critical for Celiac Disease, But is it Really the Trigger?

Natural Pesticides in Wheat: Is There a Role in Gluten Sensitivity and Celiac Disease?

Is Gluten-Free Beer Made From Barley Malt Safe for Celiacs?

Petition for FDA Gluten-Free Labeling of Foods for Celiacs

Gluten and ADHD: Is There a Link?

Prevalence of Celiac Disease in the United States

Is Quinoa Gluten-Free? Yes, But Recent Research Raises Questions for Celiacs

Gluten in Medicines Bill

Does Gluten Cause Migraine Headaches?

A Consensus on Diagnosis of Gluten Sensitivity? Not so Fast.

Improving Celiac Disease Testing — Role of I-FABP

Exciting Developments in Gluten Digestion for Celiacs — Results from Four Clinical Trials of ALV003

Letter to FDA on Labeling of Gluten-Free Food Products

Vitamin E Supplements and Risk of Prostate Cancer

Should FDA Set 20 ppm Limit for Gluten-Free Food for Celiacs?

Increased Psoriasis Risk in People with Celiac Disease

Are Blue Cheeses Safe for a Gluten-Free Diet?

Celiac Biopsy Guidelines Ignored by 60% of Doctors

Getting Closer to “Gluten-Free Oats”

Celiac Vaccine—Hope or Hype?

Cryptic Gluten Intolerance

Mechanism of gluten-sensitivity versus celiac disease

Novel Test Detects Celiac Disease in Borderline or “Negative” Cases

Is Gluten Something That Most People Should Really Avoid?

How Soon Will I Recover From Celiac Disease After Going on a Gluten-Free Diet?

So What Does Gluten-Free Mean, Really?

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